1. Create a new admin user in Magento 2 using the CLI

    php bin/magento admin:user:create --admin-firstname=Russell --admin-lastname=Albin --admin-user=ausernamegoeshere --admin-password=somepassword

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  2. How to use ACL and _isAllowed in Magento 2

    I found an interesting difference in Magento 2 as compared to Magento 1 with ACL.

    We no longer need to define our own private function _isAllowed().  They now have a const that we can use, and let the abstract class take care of defining the _isAllowed.

    To reference here is some sample code:

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  3. Changing the Order number and Invoice number starting sequence for Magento 2

    Recently I needed to update a Magento 2 store to start Order numbers and Invoice numbers to specific numbers. Its pretty easy, you just need access to the database and run these commands:

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  4. Demystifying Magento Disable Modules Output

    There is a common mis-conception that the Magento Admin functionality labled "Disable Modules Output" will disable a module.  This actually only prevents what the module is supposed to push to the browser from occuring and instead pushes an empty string.

    For example, here in Magento 1.x is some code from the Core that may help

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  5. Magento Use flat catalog category and Use flat catalog product

    Turning on Magento Enable Flat Catalog will certainly help the users experience on the Frontend.  This feature will only show marginal improvements if your categories are very limited and your products are limited.  The better performance is gained when there are dozens of categories and several hundred products.  For smaller sites you may actually see a perforance decrease.

    So, if you have enough categories and / or enough products here is how to turn on these options.

    Magento 1.x Click on System - > Configuration

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  6. Magento Caches, flushing them and what they mean

    You may be wondering, why is there two different buttons and CLI actions for cache management: Flush Magento Cache and Flush Cache Storage.
    For Magento 1.x

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  7. Magento 2 save functionality

    Magento 2, has carried over some of the basic workflow as far as saving to the database is concerned.  It was comforting to look at the Abstract class for the Database and recognize the save function.


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  8. How Magento 2 uses addFieldToFilter and addExpressionFieldToSelect

    I was digging around deep inside Magento 2, and found this little nugget of information


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  9. Magento 2 on Ubuntu PHP 7 modules needed for Enterprise Edition

    Here is a list of php 7 modules needed to install Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

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  10. Magento 2 New Website setup using CLI

    When creating a new website, using the GUI is not always preferred.  In fact, using the CLI or command line interface is much faster.

    After you log into your server and go to the document root of the Magento installation run this command:

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