Who am I?

I began writing code back in the 1980′s with my Tandy 1000. I started with BASIC. Yes, you did read that correct. That programming language that no one wants to admit once existed. However, that was my first taste of programming. Since then, I took classes at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, back in 1990. It was not until 1998 when I started to take programming seriously. I am software developer (web site programmer) located in Omaha Nebraska. I use PHP, jQuery and Javascript, AJAX along with CSS. Typically, my focus is writing programs and I also have a great group of colleagues who help me when needed. I am not afraid to go against the grain, and welcome current trends. Magento has turned into my new best frenemy ( friend/enemy). Custom development of this ecommerce software platform is full of excitement and frustration…all at the same time.

What do I do?

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Basic web sites, e-commerce web sites, complex dynamic web 2.0 web sites, and full blown web applications ( also known as cloud programming). If you have an excel document that your company uses, and wish you could all of your employees could share it, that’s what I can do. I utilize Object Oriented Programming to allow your project to grow and scale upward with ease. From Simple web 2.0 web sites, and complex e-commerce and custom applications are what I do best. My main goal is to provide software for small to medium sized businesses. I take your ideas, combine them with my experience to come up with new and innovative ideas for your project. I always want to continue to work on your software and improve things over time. Your feedback is encouraged. For database development, I use MySQL. Its free, its flexible, and most of all it works! In case you were wondering, I also have a long history using Flash and can program using the latest language, Actionscript 3 (AS3).

Why does it matter if you use me?

It matters because you want it done right and your input matters. I do not use a one size fits all method. There are companies who only use PHPcake, Ruby on Rails, Joomla, WordPress and require you to fit in their mold. I will be glad to utilize any tool you want, or come up with solution that is 100% your own. I can and will use different frameworks depending on the situation. I encourage your input to complete your project.

How much do I charge?

My rate is $85 to $150 per hour depending on requirements and how long the project may last. I will gladly bid a project so you can have a much better price to work with. This way, in the end, no one is surprised by the final costs. A down payment may be required, and then every 2 weeks you will get an invoice for the hours worked. This gives us the opportunity to talk about what was just completed and what is coming up. This type of constant communication seems to work best. Everyone stays up to date! I have used barter agreements in the past, but not often.

What new?

I am teaming up with a really good friend of mine Ryan. Together we are going to build an awesome Magento Development house. We have locations in Omaha, NE and Colorado Springs, CO. Any PHP project is an option, especially YII and Zend. If you have any programming questions, please let me know.

Entertaining stuff:

My brother and I started a great list of funny geek humor, please check out the growing list: CLICK HERE!!! If your a fan of physics and playing games, this is one of the best ones I have stumbled across in a long time. Its called Numpty Physics! Check it out! http://numptyphysics.garage.maemo.org/


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